Age: 23
Home base: Pound Ridge, New York
Web beat: Breaking news on under-the-radar brands with lots of artful imagery.

My look: "A blend of trad, Neapolitan, and tech ninja."

Favorite designers: "Jun Takahashi, for his use of modern technologies and updated military-inspired designs for his label, Undercover. British designer Nigel Cabourn also uses high-quality modern resources to re-create archival garments, like the parka worn by Sir Edmund Hillary on his Antarctic and Everest expeditions."

Favorite fall collection: "Both GANT Rugger and GANT by Michael Bastian have great pieces at an attainable price point."

Piece I'm stoked to take out of my closet this fall: "Wool and cashmere ties. I prefer how they feel around the neck to silk or other warm-weather fabrics."

Style icon: "Right now it's Valentino Ricci, cofounder of the Italian tailoring company Sciamat. He's one of many men who are helping make conservative menswear attractive to a younger audience."



Age: 19
Home base: Hong Kong
Web beat: Slangy commentary on traditionalist brands like Ascot Chang and Drakes London.

My look: "A balance between the frivolous opulence of Lapo Elkann and the conservative undertones of guys who work in finance."

Favorite designers: "Michael Hill of Drakes London is doing amazing things in menswear right now, and Leonardo Genova of the Neapolitan brand Isaia blends unexpected colors and fabrics."

Favorite fall collection: "Everything by Ovadia & Sons combines classic aesthetics with subtle hints of 'fashion' done the right way. One of the most promising American menswear brands I've seen in a while."

Piece I'm stoked to take out of my closet this fall: "Run of the Mill sand-colored suede double-monks with Dainite soles. Rappers should be onto them soon."

Style icon: "Guido Wongolini, who runs Most ExeRent bRog []. He's the cure for the Abercrombie pandemic happening worldwide."



Age: 24
Home base: Hoboken, New Jersey
Web beat: Irreverent insights on street style and men's-fashion insiders.

My look: "A mix of Anglo and Italian—classic and understated."

Favorite designers: "Guys like Michael Bastian, Ovadia & Sons, Ian Velardi, and Brunello Cucinelli, who make exceptionally fitting sportswear that doesn't slack on quality."

Favorite fall collection: "I'd say it would have to be a tie between Ian Velardi and Ovadia & Sons."

Piece I'm stoked to take out of my closet this fall: "I have a gray Michael Bastian cashmere-wool-blend sport coat that is off the fucking hook."

Style icon: "There are so many guys whose style I love—golf legend Arnold Palmer, the Clash, former Fiat head Gianni Agnelli—but when it really comes down to it, my stylish friends are the ones who inspire me on a daily basis."

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