Make It a Double
The increasingly popular double-breasted look can be great in a tuxedo jacket, so long as it fits snugly (without pulling) around your torso.
Don't Be Afraid of Velvet
The material is especially appealing in a jacket because its weight creates structure, and the light sheen will also add a festive touch to your outfit.
Go Navy
When you want to stand out without totally sticking out, this classic hue is a smart way to bend—not break—the rules.
Strike a Contrast
Pair a tux blazer with suit pants for a fashionably offbeat look. Make sure to choose dramatically different colors.
Try a Slipper
Instead of the standard patent-leather lace-ups, opt for slippers (but not the bedroom kind). Black velvet is classic, but leather and suede can also work.

• • •


From left: Brooks Brothers ($9) and Verdura ($6,500)

The old rules no longer apply: Guys are skipping the traditional studs and cummerbund, and some have abandoned even French cuffs. However, unexpected cuff links are a smart way to bring unique texture to your formal look. Go luxe with this 18-karat-gold nut-and-bolt set from Italian jeweler Verdura or playful with Brooks Brothers' classic (and affordable) silk knots. Either way, you'll add a distinctive touch to your black-tie style.

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