1) Bowl
With a titanium coating, it is almost as tough as it looks.
($49.99 for a large, Nova68)

2) Towels
Because you don't want to be sharing your linens with your mutt—even if you do let him lick your face.
($34.95 for two, Cool Pet Stuff)

3) House
Why shouldn't your pup's home be as slick as yours?
($274.99, Urban Pet Haus)

4) Stuffed Toy
Not only does this bunny look like it came from a Scandinavian design store, but it's also organic and dye-free.
($16.95, Olive)

5) Leash
There's no fancy gadgetry here—and that's exactly the point.
(from $56, Found My Animal)

6) Grooming brush
With a leather handle and boar bristles (you know, the good stuff)
($28, George)

7) Bed
Available in six fabrics and six finishes so it will look right at home in any sleek living room.
($950, One Stop Modern)

8) Chew Toy
Your dog might eat food from a can, but he can at least pretend to have a discerning palate.
($12.50, Funny Fur)