Playing cards

Shuffle through these sleek, black-on-black playing cards while contemplating your next career move. $19;

Drizzlebeads by Conrad Valett

Handmade in Germany, this wreath of tightly wound stainless steel contains ball bearings that roll through the circle as you turn it, recalling the sound of rain on a tin roof. Think of it as a kinetic Zen toy—not a metaphor for cube-trapped office drones. $115;

Blocks by Serena Mitnik-Miller

These hand-cut wooden blocks take you back to the Amish childhood you never had. From $200;

Handmade baseballs by Paul Cunningham

These modern re-creations of vintage baseballs—crafted in the early mid-19th century, lemon-peel style—should encourage you to get out from behind the desk and toss one around on your lunch hour. $30;

Build Your Own Architecton Blocks by Be a Malevich

For his 1920s sculpture series "Architectons," artist Kazimir Malevich pieced together an imaginary skyline of buildings out of stark white plaster blocks. These wooden replicas let you do the same between meetings. From $66;

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