1. Bang & Olufsen Beolit 12
Finally, there's a speaker to match your soft-sided six-pack cooler—jaunty leather strap included. Use it wirelessly with iOS devices via AirPlay or connect any phone via its audio jack or USB port. With 120 watts of sound, it's worth the extra clams. $799; shopbangolufsen.com

2. Jawbone Jambox
In little more than a year, the Jambox has raised the stakes for pint-size wireless audio. This summer, be the first on the beach with the limited White Wave edition. Weighing in at under a pound, the brick offers 10 hours of continuous play, a whopping 85 decibels of sound, and a built-in Bluetooth microphone—in case you need to take a call from the hammock. $200; jawbone.com

3. Geneva Sound System Model XS
Styled after mid-century travel clocks, the collapsible clamshell case (available in red, black, or white) houses a speaker with plenty of 21st-century specs: five hours of playing time, a cleverly concealed LED display, high-fidelity stereo sound, and an FM auto-tuner. $250; genevalab.com

4. Bose SoundLink
Less than two inches thick, the SoundLink could pass for an e-reader—until you pop it open. The case folds back to become a stand, supporting a powerful system that delivers eight hours of Bose-caliber sound. The speaker resists moisture, sand, and wind, too, so you can keep playing if the weather turns. $300; bose.com

5. Sanwa Portable Bluetooth Tube Speaker
Resembling a lightsaber at rest, this six-inch steel tube features an interface so streamlined it's like using the Force. Tap one side to turn it on, hold it down to stream, and twist the other end for volume control. The audio loses quality at the highest volumes, but at a moderate level the Sanwa sounds great and will pipe tunes for 20 hours. $150; acgears.com

6. Etón Rukus Solar
Find a few direct rays and sync up your smartphone, and the solar-paneled Rukus will deliver rich, bass-boom-enhanced sound indefinitely. After six hours in the sun, the battery will last five more hours—long after your sunscreen's worn off. Bonus: Its USB outlet will charge additional devices using the same eco-friendly power source. $150; shopetoncorp.com

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