1. For The Tech Obsessive
Samsung ES8000 Series Smart TV

This brainy 55-inch TV has Wi-Fi, an HD camera, and microphones, so you can control it via voice recognition and motion detection as well as surf the Web, download apps, and make calls.
$4,400; samsung.com

2. For The Design Enthusiast
LG LM9600

This 55-inch LG model ups the ante on television design with its whisper-thin aluminum bezel—at only five millimeters thick, it makes the picture look frameless. Plus, you can beam content from your portable device to the screen.
$3,600; lg.com

3. For The Audiophile
Bose VideoWave II

Ditch the tangle of home-theater wires: This 55-inch flat-panel with 16 speakers has a separate command center for your cable box, gaming unit, Blu-ray player, and included iPhone/iPod dock.
$6,000; bose.com

4. For The Sports Fanatic
Panasonic VIERA TC-P65VT50

Enjoy the first 3-D Olympics on this 65-inch plasma Panasonic. A champ at rendering subtle movements and reducing blur, it also keeps the picture sharp in sun-bathed rooms.
$3,700; panasonic.com

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Buyer's Cheat Sheet: Simplifying The Jargon

It indicates the number of vertical pixels on the screen and is what makes an HDTV so sharp. If you're buying a 40-inch or bigger set, don't settle for less than 1080p.

This quantifies just how dark black tones appear. But ignore gimmicky terms like "dynamic contrast ratio" and judge a set by eyeballing the levels in the store.

If you want to use your TV as a computer, make sure it's Wi-Fi-enabled. And check the manufacturer's app store; each one has different offerings.

You need at least three (but ideally six) HDMI ports to take advantage of the hi-def output of your components, including a Blu-ray player, a Roku, and a game system.

Refresh Rate
It's the measure of how frequently the TV updates the picture. Look no further than 60Hz—anything greater may actually make the image appear too smooth.

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