This event is over. Please see our TxT video recap.

This September, DETAILS is bringing together fashion influencers, digital innovators, creative-thought leaders, and magazine and website editors and contributors for our first-of-its-kind Men's Digital Content Summit.

The event will be emceed by Max Lugavere, creator-host of Tribeca Enterprise's Acting Disruptive, an original online series developed for AOL that looks at disruptive ideas and innovation.

Speakers include, but are not limited to: Andrew Apostola (founder, and Svbscription), Jeff Bercovici (mixed-media writer, Forbes), Mark Burrell (co-founder of Tongal), Pete Cashmore (founder, Mashable), Megan Collins (menswear blogger/founder, Style Girlfriend), Roeland de Jong (founder, 52Grams and FASHIONQLIC), Demir Gjokaj (cofounder/CEO, MONTAJ), Raman Kia (executive director, integrated strategy, Condé Nast), Eric Kuhn (digital agent, United Talent Agency), Marc Kushner (cofounder and CEO of, partner at HWNK), Dan Long (cofounder/CEO, MONTAJ), Chris Morton (cofounder, Lyst), James Nord (cofounder, Fohr Card), Stephan Paternot (cofounder and chairman, Slated), Michael Preysman (founder, Everlane), Jeff Raider (co-founder and co-CEO of Harry's), Steve Raymond (cofounder, Big Frame), Daniel Saynt (founder, Fashion Indie and Socialyte), Lawrence Schlossman (blogger and author, Fuck Yeah Menswear), Emmett Shine (founder, Gin Lane Media), Andy Spade (founder, Partners & Spade), Tim Stevens (Editor at Large at CNET), Sean Sullivan (founder, Impossible Cool), Tyler Thoreson (VP of men's editorial, creative and customer experience, GILT), Tommy Ton, Olivier van Themsche (CEO, The Cools), Ricky Van Veen (cofounder,, Michael Williams (founder, A Continuous Lean), Nick Wooster, and more.

Wednesday, September 4, New York City

Location: Industria Studios

9 a.m.–1 p.m.

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