Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Moderators and panelists to be announced. Times subject to change.

8:00 AM      Registration / Coffee

9:00 AM      Opening Statements
Dan Peres
Max Lugavere

9:20 AM      PANEL: Content x Commerce
A look at the increasingly intertwined relationship between content and commerce

Moderator: Jeff Bercovici (Mixed Media Writer, Forbes)
> Michael Preysman (founder, Everlane)
> Tyler Thoreson (VP of men's editorial/GILT)
> Emmett Shine (founder, Gin Lane Media)
> Jeff Raider (co-founder & co-CEO, HARRY'S)
> Andy Spade (Partners and Spade)

9:55 AM      QUICKFIRE: In$tagram: Monetizing Social Media
52GRAMS & FASHIONIQ (CEO and Founder, Roeland de Jong)

10:05 AM      PANEL: Digital x Hollywood
How technology is disrupting the entertainment industry.

Moderator: Eric Kuhn
> Ricky Van Veen (founder, College Humor)
> Stephan Paternot (founder, Slated)
> Steve Raymond (co-founder, Big Frame)
> Mark Burrell (co-founder, Tongal)

10:40 AM      Break

11:00 AM      PANEL: Beyond the Blog
Leveraging your digital profile for business opportunities + striking the right balance between monetization and editorial integrity.

Moderator: Michael Williams
> Lawrence Schlossman
> Nick Wooster
> Sean Sullivan
> Tommy Ton
> Megan Collins

11:35 AM      QUICKFIRE: Story Shorts: Connecting Through Video
MONTAJ (CEO and Co-Founder, Dan Long and Co-Founder, Demir Gjokaj)

11:45 AM      PANEL: Founders' Stories
A candid conversation with some of the most enterprising digital entrepreneurs about what works, what doesn't, and how to break through.

Moderator: Tim Stevens (Editor at Large, CNET)
> Olivier van Themsche (CEO, The Cools)
> Andrew Apostola (founder, Portable and Svbscription)
> Pete Cashmore (founder, Mashable)
> Marc Kushner (founder, Architizer)

12:20 PM      QUICKFIRE: What's Now What's Next: Five trends shaping the digital ecosystem
Raman Kia (Conde Nast)

12:30 PM      PANEL: Match Point
The Digital Brand Connection

Moderator: James Nord (co-founder, Fohr Card)
> Eric Kuhn (Social Media Agent, UTA)
> Eric Jennings (Saks Fifth Avenue)
> Christine Bender (A/X)
> Daniel Saynt (founder, Fashion Indie and Socialyte)
> Andrew Schmidt (Puma)

1:05 PM      Wrap Up
Max Lugavare

1:10 PM      TXT Ends