"There have been two huge breakout hits: One is 3D printing, where people are increasingly able to produce goods in the same way they were able to produce digital media. But I think more important than that is the fact that computers are getting smaller and smaller, and to have these screens in your pocket might not be the peak where this technology goes. Samsung released Samsung Gear—a watch that is essentially a computer. When we talk about fitness gadgets or Google Glass, we're increasingly going to see technology that's wearable."

Google Glass Is Wonky
"We're going to have a first wave of wearable technology that is a little clunky. We have Google Glass and people say, 'Well I don't know if that's the coolest looking pair of glasses I've ever seen.' But the story of technology is that it always gets smaller and lighter."

Watches and Status Symbols
"I think it's going to be a really interesting trend regarding status—because people wear watches, especially, as status symbols. They want the metallic watch, they want the premium, they aspire to have the Rolex. Will that change and be more like phones, where people want to have the newest watch, just like having the gold iPhone?"

Advances in Online Shopping
"I think there are a lot of places in fashion where it makes a great deal of sense to consume online. I think the barriers are in regard to fit, trying the clothes. There are more and more models springing up where you lower the risk by letting people buy, try, and send back in exchange. So I think any ways that people could lower the risk (so people can actually try the stuff before committing) really eases that transition, and it's inevitable. This will become one of the dominant ways that we buy clothes."

Ambient Awareness & Push, Not Pull
"In terms of big consumer trends, I think it's more about ambient awareness. We're moving more towards a push world instead of a pull world. It's about search becoming something that's ambient and all of your devices tell you, 'Hey your flight is running late, you should get going,' rather than you Googling 'What's my flight time?' Your device is gonna tell you what you need to know before you know it. We have a Google Glass app called Velocity, which predicts which stories are going to go viral in the future. So we have a really great sense of what our audience wants and what they are going to want. Our story has always been both explaining technology and harnessing technology so that we can be closer to our reader."

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