Who are the modern-day Don Juans? Here are the five types a married man should fear most.


The guy who stands between your wife and a corner office is already a success; you're still working your way up the ladder. He's sophisticated and stylish enough to appeal to her sensibilities, and smart enough to figure out her needs. "You're spending more time with your coworkers than with your spouse," psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser says. "I hear a lot of women say, 'We had an intimacy that I've never had with my husband, so could you blame me?'"


He's always calm, always listens, and devotes hours each week to your wife's well-being. While you're checking your BlackBerry or trying to find a clean shirt, he's investing in how she feels about herself—in both body and soul. "It's a spiritual as well as a physical thing—that's very attractive to women," psychotherapist Tina Tessina says. "Women feel like they can connect with the yoga instructor," Kaiser says. "It's 'He wants me to be relaxed, he wants me to be powerful.'"

infidelity 3. THE STAY-AT-HOME DAD

When you're at the office and your wife is at home with the kids, this is the guy who's got Band-Aids enough for the skinned knees of his daughter and yours. A little emasculated in his own life, he channels his frustration into being a father, because he knows being a Good Dad is catnip to the estrogen set at the playground. "Women with successful husbands are looking for men who have time for them," Kaiser says. "Men who are available to have lunch, to go for a walk."


Never underestimate the appeal of saving a lost soul. You're all about your family; he hasn't been able to keep a band together, much less sustain a relationship, since she broke up with him nine years ago. He's tortured and hot-blooded, which is appealing to a woman who's found steadiness but lost passion. "If you have emotional stability in your marriage but your sex life is lacking," writer Susan Shapiro Barash says, "then beware the bohemian and bad-boy types."

infidelity 5. THE KIDS' SOCCER COACH

You might not have played catch with your son since you threw your back out moving the plasma TV, but he's there to high-five your kid after his first goal. With a fresh face and a V-shaped torso, he has just the right combination of physical prowess and sexual naiveté to make your wife feel young and vital and wanted. "It's a need that these guys are providing," Kaiser says. "They shower her with the fabulous things the husband doesn't say anymore."

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