Q: Did you try finding work in something other than the adult film industry?
A: I tried applying for anything from waiter to car washer to any of these menial odd jobs, and felt like I was really wasting talent and time on it. I felt that my youth was being wasted.

Q: Did you get any of those jobs?
A: Nope. It's just the economy. The economy sucks. So I ended up in a homeless shelter in the Santa Monica area.

Q: So how did you first get involved—did you meet someone who already was a gigolo or something?
A: No, no. It didn't happen that way. I was on the Internet, and there was this expose about how this would actually be the first legal male prostitute in the United States and they were hiring. So I decided, hey, I'll apply for it. I was in California and saw that this place was accepting applications.

Q: So tomorrow you go to get formally registered in the state—the country's first legal gigolo. All the camera crews are coming. You nervous?
A: Yeah. I think we're stirring the hornets' nest with this. I need a cigarette. I don't smoke, but I need a cigarette. Hey, you don't have a lighter do you?

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