We've heard it all before: If we just got more exercise, ate less, and slept better, we'd be all be fit and healthy. But we don't. (Two other things we've heard before: Nearly 70 percent of Americans are overweight or obese, and diabetes rates are skyrocketing.) Enter Hosain Rahman, the CEO of Jawbone. Last year, the company won a Design of the Decade award from the Industrial Designers Society of America for its Bluetooth headsets, alongside the likes of Apple. Now Rahman has set his sights on revolutionizing the way we relate to our health. "I started thinking about this problem," he says, "and I wondered why there couldn't be something stylish that went with me everywhere that gathered information about all aspects of my life, and that could guide and coach me." So Rahman focused on making a micro-size wearable gadget packed with some of the world's most advanced sensors. The result is UP, a sleek bracelet that tracks all your body's activities, from your movement to your sleep to what you eat, then offers a road map to living a healthier lifestyle, dispensing advice—such as what you should eat and what's your optimal time to work out—via smartphone (the device will come with a free app). UP also allows you to challenge your friends with fitness goals, so that getting healthier becomes more competitive and fun. Can a simple bracelet change how we think about health and wellness? We'll find out for sure when UP is released this fall. But didn't another wrist-worn device change the way we regard the passage of time?

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