Killer Style: The 10 Best-Dressed Murderers of All Time

If looks could kill, these guys would have one more count added to their rap sheets.

1. JOHN WILKES BOOTH, (1838–1865)

Crime: Assassinated Abraham Lincoln.

Punishment: Cornered and shot to death by Union soldiers, identified by the tattoo of his own initials on his left hand.


Crime: Confessed to strangling 13 women over the course of two years.

Punishment: Life sentence; later killed in a prison attack.


Crime: Known for seducing women with his good looks and charm before raping and killing them; took at least 18 victims, including many men and children.

Punishment: Shot to death during an attempted escape from a police car.

4. RICHARD RAMIREZ, a.k.a. THE NIGHT STALKER, (1960–present)

Crime: Killed 13 people, sometimes forcing his victims to pray to Satan.

Punishment: Sentenced to execution by gas chamber; currently on death row at San Quentin.

5. JOHN DILLINGER, (1903–1934)

Crime: Charged with the murder of a police officer, though was better known for bank robberies and escaping from prison.

Punishment: Killed in a police ambush.

6. LEOPOLD AND LOEB, (Nathan Leopold, 1904–1971; Richard Loeb, 1905–1936)

Crime: Murdered a 14-year-old in an attempt to commit the "perfect crime" inspired by the works of German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.

Punishment: Life imprisonment.

7. HUEY NEWTON, (1942–1989)

Crime: Convicted of voluntary manslaughter in the killing of a police officer, though the conviction was later overturned.

Punishment: Fled to Cuba; freed upon his return after two mistrials.

8. CLYDE BARROW, (1909–1934)

Crime: Believed to have participated in the murders of 12 people, including a number of policemen, with the help of associates.

Punishment: Gunned down along with Bonnie Parker by police in Louisiana.

9. MARTIN BRYANT, (1967–present)

Crime: Murdered 35 in a spree with an AR15 semiautomatic rifle, including a hostage during negotiations with police.

Punishment: 35 life sentences.

10. AL CAPONE, (1899–1947)

Crime: Believed to have organized the St. Valentine's Day Massacre to weaken an enemy gang, killing seven.

Punishment: Indicted for income-tax evasion.


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