Health & Fitness Trend Predictions for 2014

Before running off to join a gym or pledging a new diet for your New Year's resolution, check out what trends these fitness and nutrition experts foresee in 2014.

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More group fitness classes and wearable tech are forecasted for 2014.

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More group fitness classes and wearable tech are forecasted for 2014.

High-Tech Meds

"Modern medicine is going high-tech with genetic testing, becoming a much greater part of the move to individualize treatment protocols. Companies like [ancestry DNA testing company] [23andme]( and [neuropsychiatric tester] [genomind]( are leveraging new technology to allow doctors to highly personalize treatment. We've been using these tests with patients and find even better treatment outcomes."

—Jeffrey A. Morrison, M.D., of the Morrison Center, which specializes in integrative medicine and nutrition.

Group Fitness and Self-Help Care

"In addition to more personalized functional training with increased CrossFit/boot-camp/training-camp-inspired classes available, I see movement mastery becoming the ideal—elevating the standards of fitness to include not only great athletic achievements and body composition but also overall mastery of the art of human movement. This means more gymnastics, tumbling, acrobatics, and even dance presented alongside fitness.

"As self-care over health-care gains momentum, programming will go beyond yoga to include a blend of ancient arts remastered for modern living, with regeneration techniques that range from high-performance breathing, myofascial self care and self massage, scientific stretching, posture reeducation, and biofeedback."

—Lashaun Dale, Equinox senior national creative group fitness manager.

Wearable Tech

"The trend of wearable technology is showing no signs of stopping, but its relationship with fitness is getting more prescriptive. In other words, fitness-minded people are less interested in collecting data for the sake of it—or for the sake of merely sharing that data via social media—and more concerned with how to interpret that information and use it to customize their workouts in order to achieve bigger and better results. It's no longer a matter of rah-rah, I did a run today, or I collected this many points; it's taking that information and analyzing it with a trainer, using it to shape a workout plan, and getting some tangible benefit out of it."

—Sheila Monaghan, Q executive editor.

Personal Training

"The first key change is removing bulky machines and opening up the training floor to allow personal trainers and gym members the freedom to move around, use body-weight equipment like TRX rings, and jungle-gym-style setups like the life-fitness 360.

"Athletic performance training will also rise as more gym-goers want to work out like the pros and do the same speed and agility drills in conjunction with strength and power training. As a result, we'll see even more mini-hurdles, agility ladders, bungees, sleds/prowlers at the gym. Another growing trend is working out in groups; people love a sense of community, which allows them to bond and compete at the same time."

—Josh Stolz, T4 Coach E Club.

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