3 Exercise Tips You Should Steal from Your Girlfriend

For a manlier physique, add some estrogen to your fitness routine.

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She might not be vying for 20-inch biceps or sprawling shoulders, but your significant other can still teach you a few things in the gym department. Here are three workout tips to steal from your better half:

1. Find Strength in Numbers

Women love a good gym date with friends. And you should, too... but feel free to call it something else. "Men should try taking workout classes or exercising with friends because no matter what your sex, people enjoy the sense of camaraderie a group setting organically provides," says celebrity trainer Kira Stokes. One study that observed Oxford University rowers found that working out with others doubles the feel-good endorphins released when you exercise alone. "Also, a healthy sense of supportive competition within a group setting can spur you on to work harder and achieve a level of fitness you never thought possible," she says.

2. Throw Off Your Balance

"Being truly fit requires one to focus not just on cardio and strength, but balance and flexibility as well," Stokes says. Yoga and barre classes are awesome ways to improve both, but you can also infuse them into your dumbbell routine. Try performing unilateral (or one-sided) movements like one-legged balance taps and one-legged deadlifts into your routine. "Unilateral training can expose weaknesses and imbalances that may otherwise go unnoticed but could ultimately affect athletic performance," she says.

3. Get a Leg Up

Guys spend countless workouts trying to chisel their arms and chest, while women are all about their lower halves. The butt and legs house the biggest muscles of the body, meaning that lower body exercises burn more calories and build more muscle than any bicep burl. Plus, if your legs match your upper body, you're going to look better, period, Stokes says. "You want to be as comfortable throwing on a pair of shorts as you are a fitted T-shirt, or better yet, taking it all off. I believe I speak for most women when I say we care about a man's butt—and would love for him to actually have one." Check out these five workout moves that will beef up those chicken legs.

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