30,000 Chinese Factory Workers Are on Strike Against a Nike and Adidas Supplier Right Now

That's a lot of people.

Image courtesy of Nike.

This might put a damper on summer sneaker-release dates: Tens of thousands of Chinese workers are on strike against a factory that produces kicks for Nike, Adidas, and some of the world's other big shoemakers—and there's no telling when they might go back to work.

Bloomberg reports that employees of the Yue Yuen factory in Dongguan, China, have been on strike for three days in protest of their pay and benefits. An estimated 30,000 workers have left their posts (where they also produce shoes for Puma and Asics) to join the demonstrations and are negotiating with the factory owners through local government officials.

That didn't stop the police in Dongguan from putting the kibosh on a march the workers organized earlier this week.

Nike and Adidas spokespeople are monitoring the situation closely, but they're not the only ones with protests on their hands. In the past month, 6,000 workers at a Chinese shoe plant that makes Crocs and New Balance sneakers went on strike, and 1,000 IBM employees took up the picket line, too. Our sympathies for the workers involved aside, if all the factory strikes delay the May drop of these Nike Sonic Flight "Purple Venom" sneakers, we're totally okay with it.

—Details associate online style editor Justin Fenner

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