The Real Deal Behind 4 New Gadgets for Better Skin, Whiter Teeth, and Fuller Hair

Even though our team at TheMotley loves new tech gadgets almost as much as we love grooming, the idea of combining the two has been a topic of heated debate around the office. Do these newfangled tools actually work and are they worth the investment?

Photos courtesy of each supplier


Photos courtesy of each supplier

Some grooming gadgets have become staples in men's bathrooms: the blow-dryer, the electric razor, the electric toothbrush. Do these newfangled tools actually work and are they worth the investment? I checked out a slew of new gizmos; here are the four I'd put my money on.

Clarisonic Mia ($125)

The Claim: A professional quality skincare brush that moves back and forth at more than 300 times per second to reduce the size of pores and cleanse skin more thoroughly so that moisturizers and serums are absorbed more easily in the skin.

The Verdict: Think of it like an electric toothbrush for your face. Sure, you can wash your face with your hands, but this gadget does it so much better. It leaves skin feeling deeply cleansed and visibly smoother. You can buy different brush heads for oily, sensitive, or normal skin types, and did we mention it comes in a variety of colors? Sold.

Pro Tip: Pair the Clarisonic Mia with Urth Skin Solutions for Men Face Wash for a really deep clean.

Glo Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device ($199)

The Claim: An at-home system that uses a Hydrogen Peroxide gel combined with heat and light to brighten teeth up to eight shades with no increased tooth sensitivity.

The Verdict: In terms of results, we don't see any difference between the Glo Whitening Device and drugstore strips. And some users say they still felt sensitivity after using Glo, so we're not exactly eager to pop in this mouth tray and relive our pubescent, retainer-wearing days.

Zeno Mini Acne Clearing Device ($89)

The Claim: By sending heat directly to a pimple, it can clear it up in just a few hours and reduce the likelihood of scarring.

The Verdict: We were skeptical at first, but this product does indeed seem to be effective at clearing up the occasional breakout quickly. It's basically the same concept as applying a hot compress to bring down inflammation and kill bacteria, but this device makes it a whole lot simpler and the price isn't bad. It did seem to eliminate zits quickly if you catch them at the beginning stages and use two or three two-minute treatments.

Pro Tip: This is best suited for the guy who gets one or two pimples. If you need to treat more than that, consider more expensive acne clearing devices or making friends with a facialist. Also, this gizmo sucks up batteries, so invest in some rechargeables if you make this purchase. You'll also need to replace the head after 45 treatments.

Hairmax Hair Growth Laser Light Device ($295)

The Claim: Regular doses of laser light promote the growth of fuller, thicker hair. 93% of study participants saw seeing benefits after 16 weeks of daily use.

The Verdict: The jury is still out on this one. It's expensive and reviews are mixed. We'd recommend taking Biotin supplements and eating a protein- and iron-rich diet until there is more conclusive evidence.

Pro Tip: On the other hand, if you're freaking over the first signs of thinning hair, trying to laser-grow some back can't hurt.

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