4 Grooming Products That Will Keep You Shine- and Oil-Free All Summer Long

The Motley shares four tips on how to stay shine- and oil-free all summer long.

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We're in the dog days of summer, that time of the season when temperatures have a way of going from pleasantly sunny to unbearably, hellishly hot—and staying that way for days on end. As the mercury rises, even the least-sebaceous can suffer bouts of sweaty, oily skin.

Here are four easy tricks to keep your skin looking wintertime cool while everyone else is mopping his brow.

1. Use a shine-fighting moisturizer.

It may seem counterintuitive, but it's especially beneficial to wear a good moisturizer in the throes of summer. It gives your skin the daily hydration it needs so it stops compensating with excess oils that leave you feeling greasy.

Try Recipe for Men's Anti Shine Moisturizer to balance oily skin. It contains ultra-fine powder to soak up and eliminate oil, cutting down on reflective shine.

2. A matte sunscreen makes all the difference.

We know a lot of guys skimp on sunscreen because it tends to have a shiny side effect, but we finally found the solution.

Try Evolution Man's Moisture Protect SPF 20, an ultra-lightweight dual sunscreen and moisturizer that provides full spectrum UVB and UVA protection without leaving skin shiny or greasy.

3. Cleanse your skin on the go.

There's nothing worse than hot, sticky grime on your face and no sink in sight, so keep single-use cleansing wipes on hand for easy sweat and grime removal.

Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes are individually wrapped face-cleansing sheets that come 20 to a box. Keep one in your bag for when you need a quick refresher. These wipes use aloe vera and witch hazel to cool skin and remove sweat, dirt, and oil. They're also natural (no parabens, sulfates, or synthetic fragrances) and smell amazing.

4. A blotter a day keeps the oil away.

Another great way to fight midday oil slicks: Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets. You may have seen these in your sister's or girlfriend's purse, but they work great for guys, too. A pack of 50 fits discreetly in your pocket, and the soft, rubbery sheets instantly soak up oil and shine.

These are perfect for your T-zone—the forehead, nose, and chin area where skin tends to get especially greasy. Press a sheet gently against your face—don't wipe—making sure to hit the spots where oil pools, like the top and sides of your nose and the crease of your chin.

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