4 Questions for Photographer William Wegman on Using His Famous Dogs as Fashion Models for Acne and Trussardi

William Wegman on his signature Weimaraner fashion photography, working with Trussardi's greyhounds, and how he doesn't resort to "drooly Pavlovian" tricks on the set.

Photographs by William Wegman.

Pictured, from left: Wegman's Weimaraner for Acne, a greyhound photographed for the Trussardi spring/summer 2014 campaign.

You're known for shooting your own Weimaraners, and you recently used them in an Acne campaign. How does that work?

I like to get in the studio around 10 a.m. and often do little sketches of my ideas beforehand. Right now I have four dogs, so while I'm working with the older two, I put my two youngest on a stand so they get the light flowing on them and the whole feeling. The flash goes off and they all like it. We're talking all the time, but I don't use treats—no drooly Pavlovian thing.

For Trussardi's Spring 2014 campaign, you were asked to use the brand's logo—the greyhound—as a model. Any surprises there?

Yes! Greyhounds are really beautiful, but they're gigantic and can't sit in small spaces, so they were alarmingly different than what I'm used to. When I make my dogs into human characters, I get the clothes at yard sales and slit them open in the back. I didn't want to resort to that with the Trussardi pieces.

What project are you especially proud of?

In the late nineties, I did a series of photos for the windows at Saks. They let me take anything from the store, and I really loved working with clothes by Issey Miyake, because they looked like these wonderful sculptures alongside the dogs.

What's next?

I'm doing a book of my paintings with Abrams. And, as always, photos for art's sake.

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