5 More Benefits of Ice-Cold Treatments

There are now many health benefits associated with enduring ice-cold conditions. Here's a partial list.

To prep for his role in the latest Bond Installment Skyfall (out November 9), Daniel Craig reportedly used cryotherapy—a treatment that involves submerging your body in temps down to -260 degrees Fahrenheit—in order to hit the gym harder and longer (you can read more about the controversies surrounding cryotherapy in our November issue). We'd say it worked. Here are five other benefits to enduring chilly temps.

Zap Fat:Harvard scientists have developed a device called "CoolSculpting" which essentially melts away fat by freezing it. There are no knives or scars involved, and once the fat cells crystallize, they're naturally eliminated from the body.

Boost Mood: Taking a 2-minute shower in 68-degree water may help relieve depression, according to researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine.

Improve Sleep:Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine have developed a cooling cap (chilled water flows through it) that helps insomnia patients fall asleep faster and get a more restorative snooze.

Soften Wrinkles:Scientists are in the final clinical stages of a new treatment dubbed "Frotox." The gist: An extremely cold needle is inserted into facial nerves to "shock" them into hibernation, flattening facial lines for up to four months, says dermatologist Steve Salvatore. Look for the treatment later this year.

Rev Metabolism:Drinking six cups of cold water daily can speed up your resting metabolism so that it burns 50 more calories a day, or about 5 pounds in a year, say German researchers.

—Kristen Dold (@kristendold), associate editor at Details

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