50 Things You Need to Know to Look Polished from Head to Toe: Exfoliating Your Face

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__37. The Three-Step Skin-Care Regimen

Part 2: Exfoliator

Keeping your complexion looking fresh doesn't have to be complicated. Here's the easy way.__

You don't avoid facials because they're emasculating; you avoid them because they're a time suck. It's a good thing, then, that regularly using an exfoliator has about the same benefits. A face scrub with an alpha hydroxy acid like glycolic acid helps diminish fine lines, dry oily skin, and shrink oversize pores. Try MD Skincare Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel or Givenchy Man Powerful Renovating Skin Peel. After a few washes, your shave will also get better. Regularly exfoliating the beard area—and applying shave cream with a badger brush—helps your stubble come through the skin more easily, preventing ingrown hairs. But don't overscrub: Twice a week is usually enough. "It takes off that outer layer of dead skin," says Dr. Jeffrey Benabio, a dermatologist and an assistant clinical professor at the University of California at San Diego. "Once that's gone, you're down to sensitive skin."

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