50 Things You Need to Know to Look Polished from Head to Toe: Going Gray

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43. How to Go Gray

Whether you've noticed a few slate-colored strands or 70, don't panic and douse yourself with Grecian Formula. Your new hair color can look distinguished. Here's how.

The Cut

It's not just your shampoo that needs changing—it's your hairstyle, too. Few men besides Richard Gere can pull off longish, disheveled silver locks, so you'll most likely have to lose a few inches. Try a trim, sleek style with the hair cropped to about a half-inch on the sides and back, and about two inches on top (though the more gray you have, the shorter you should go on top).

The Color

If you really want to adjust your salt-to-pepper ratio, get a natural-looking semipermanent dye that will blend away about a quarter of your gray. You could apply it in yourself at home, but these days most stylists can wash in the color at the shampoo bowl. That way no one will know what you're up to—and you don't have to get your hands dirty. Choose a color one shade lighter than your actual hair—a dye of the same hue could end up looking unnaturally dark, à la Wayne Newton.

The Care

Start by using a violet-hued shampoo with chamomile, which will help balance any yellowish tints, leaving your grays more radiant. Next, because graying hair loses moisture as it loses pigment, a conditioner is mandatory. Finally, skip styling products made with alcohol, which will dry out your hair, in favor of ones with hydrating coconut oil or lanolin.

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