50 Things You Need to Know to Look Polished from Head to Toe: Hiding a Hangover

Because impeccable grooming requires more than just a medicine cabinet full of products, every week Details.com will offer a new, easy-to-implement lesson that will keep you looking good.

Q: I turn to you, Details, to end a feud between my best friend, A.J., and me. We're in our late twenties and are looking for ways to disguise the effects of our vodka-and-cig-soaked late nights. One problem area in particular? Under the eyes. A.J. is an avid user of eye creams, ointments, lotions, and potions to hide lines and dark circles. I, on the other hand, use only moisturizer and suffer the "Long night?" comments in the morning. I heard that if you begin using eye creams in your early twenties, they'll be ineffective when you really need them in your thirties and forties. A.J. disagrees. Please settle this.

A: Unfortunately, you could have saved yourself a lot of morning mocking (and we're guessing your headache would have given you reason to appreciate the silence). There's no reason to hold off on using eye creams or salves until you turn 30. Contrary to what you've heard, your skin won't build up a tolerance to eye treatments—or any topical steroid-free ointments. "The skin doesn't become resistant to creams the way that bacteria can become resistant to antibiotics," says New York dermatologist David Bank. A single swipe of an anti-inflammatory eye cream, like Fresh Crème Ancienne Eye Cream, will tighten blood vessels, reducing dark circles and puffiness, and silence your critics. If you're more worried about wrinkles, use a salve that also has retinol, which not only gets rid of lines but also works better the longer you've been using it. "If you start using one in your twenties, it will have a cumulative positive effect over time," Dr. Bank says. In other words, start now—or just as soon as you're done admitting to A.J. that he was right.

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