50 Things You Need to Know to Look Polished from Head to Toe: How Not To Go Bald

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44. How Not to Go Bald

If your hair's fading away, here's what to do.

The Cut

Your hairline may be receding, but you shouldn't grow out your bangs to compensate—that'll only make it look like you've lost more. Instead, trim the middle of the hairline, where it dips down, so it's even with the sides. If the hair on top of your head is thinning as well, it can make your face look round. To offset this, have your hair cut in a square shape, with the sides closely cropped and the top no longer than an inch. Keep your hair as short as you're comfortable with; bald patches pop out when the hair on the sides is thick and heavy. Christopher Meloni, pictured above, has just the right style.

The Care

If you want to take drugs, Propecia or Rogaine will make your hair look thicker, but they're not magical fixes. Dr. Paul J. McAndrews, a dermatologist specializing in hair loss and a clinical professor at the USC School of Medicine, compares them to toothpaste. "It doesn't reverse tooth decay," he says. "It just slows it." Beware: A lot of other treatments—like hair vitamins—are scams. Even if you're content to let your hair fall where it may, you should still take care of your scalp. Use an exfoliating shampoo like Axe Intense Shampoo + Hair Scrub twice a week and a sunblock like Sharps Bald Head Balm Sunscreen SPF 15 daily.

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