50 Things You Need To Know To Look Polished From Head To Toe: Long Hair

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__48. How to Get a Great Haircut: Part 3

Can I have long hair and still look professional?__

A spin on the shag Mick Jagger had in the seventies has been streamlined enough that you can wear it with a suit. Still, stylist Kevin Murphy says, "you shouldn't have this cut if you're over 35." Aside from Dior Homme models, those with longer faces and fine hair will look best with this cut. Ask for what's called a "basic layer" on top, Murphy says. This will give you a messy fringe—not the bowl cut you had when you were five. Then ask that the bottom be chopped to about an inch above the top of your collar. If it hits your collar, the edges will curl up. Style it with a light-hold cream or pomade; that will contain some of the cut's unruliness without making it look too stiff. As for dressing it up, Murphy says to put on a blazer and not bother taming it more. Get a trim every six weeks, but you can also whip out your own scissors whenever you want. "If there's a bit that's not feeling right, you could chop it at home," Murphy says.

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