50 Things You Need to Know to Look Polished from Head to Toe: Moisturizer

Because impeccable grooming requires more than just a medicine cabinet full of products, every week Details.com will offer a new, easy-to-implement lesson that will keep you looking good.

__36. The Three-Step Skin-Care Regimen

Part 3: Moisturizer

Keeping your complexion looking fresh doesn't have to be complicated. Here's the easy way.__

It's a myth that you have to put on moisturizer every day or else watch as your face becomes as weathered as Mickey Rourke's. It is a good idea to apply a light lotion a few times a week—Clinique's M Lotion absorbs at warp speed—but "you have to listen to your skin," New York dermatologist David Colbert says. "Some days you may wake up and your face feels like it's going to crack off. Other days you don't think about it." However, even if you're not using a moisturizer, you should still be wearing SPF. Ideally, it should be one that protects against UVB rays (which are responsible for skin cancer) and UVA rays (which cause wrinkles), but San Diego dermatologist Jeffrey Benabio says, "If you're just going to the office, it's less of an issue to protect against UVA."

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