50 Things You Need to Know to Look Polished from Head to Toe: The Best Shaving Product You're Not Using

Because impeccable grooming requires more than just a medicine cabinet full of products, every week Details.com will offer a new, easy-to-implement lesson that will keep you looking good.

35. You Should Be Using: Pre-Shave Oil

You may not think of pre-shave oil as a skin-care product—and you probably omit it from your shaving routine because you think it'll either slow you down or make your face shiny—but it's a must. A dime-size drop softens stubble, helps the razor glide more easily, and eliminates nicks, cuts, and irritation. And using it can help eliminate the need for any additional moisturizer. Massage a dime-size drop of a product like Anthony Logistics for Men Pre-Shave Oil or John Allan's Slick Water Pre-Shave Solution into the beard area only (avoid the cheeks) and, if you need to, put more on sensitive places like your neck. "The trick is to apply it exactly to where you're going to shave," says Craig Whitely, a barber at Gornik & Drucker's in Beverly Hills. The minuscule amount won't leave you with a greasy sheen—or any need for toilet-paper patches.

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