Got a minute? College-loving rapper Asher Roth on pot, groupies, and why it's all about moderation.


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Got a minute? College-loving rapper Asher Roth on pot, groupies, and why it's all about moderation.

Q: How much weed did you smoke today?

A: I smoked a joint earlier just 'cause the sun was shining and it was a beautiful day to go in to work. But, you know, I wasn't out of control with it. I'm growing up a little bit, and I have moderation.

Q: You've been playing big shows like MTV Spring Break and South by Southwest. How's that going?

A: I mean, it's a lot of work. I've been sick recently. I'm battling this upper-respiratory infection. They gave me syrup. I looked at it, and it was like thick and green. I was not feeling it, so I didn't take it. I was like, "I do not want this in my body." I've never even done a hard drug in my life. I just smoke pot, and I've tripped on mushrooms a couple of times. I'm a pretty natural kid.

Q: Stay healthy that way. How many girls did you get to make out with when you were doing the "I Love College" video?

A: You know, it was only those three. It was funny, 'cause that wasn't actually supposed to happen—those girls had no idea I was going to do that. We just kind of had some fun—that's all it comes down to.

Q: Are the girls all over you at your shows?

A: They say some funny shit. This one girl was like, "I'm a hockey player. I even have a hockey butt." And they are real obvious with their intentions. I don't find females intimidating by any stretch of the imagination, so these girls come through with their bullshit—they're like, "Oh, I care about you," and I'm like, "Get out of here!"

Q: You don't want to spend one night with hockey butt?

A: You know, the two things I don't need right now in my life are a child or an STD. So I'm going to pick my battles wisely. But am I going to be making out and having some fun every now and then? Absolutely. But I also don't need to sleep around and feel shitty about myself. Ruth Baron

Roth's "I Love College"


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