Video—a Guide to All the Dance Moves You Wish You Could Do, From A-Z

Those who can't twerk…watch?

Image courtesy of i-D Magazine.

Much like its super helpful instructional video on how to pronounce designer names, i-D magazine's A-to-Z guide to dance moves is awe-inspiring. Mostly because we're pretty sure there's no way we could execute the death drop with anything that even remotely resembles grace.

The video, set to rapper Le1f's energetic track "Wut," takes you through 26 different moves, from a classic ballet arabesque and East Coast swing dance to the rumba and the Harlem shake. There's even a mesmerizing bit of twerking—but don't worry if you're watching this in a cubicle. The NSFW moves are shot in alphabetical order, so you'll know when it's coming.

—Details associate online style editor Justin Fenner.

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