A Shopper's Guide to 2011 Tech Releases

Here's when to expect the best new gadgets and game-changers.


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1st Quarter (Jan-March)

BlackBerry PlayBook: RIM's 7-inch answer to the iPad runs Flash-based sites and multiple apps at once. us.blackberry.com/playbook-tablet

iRobot Scooba 230: The world's tiniest hands-free mop scrubs 850 square feet on a single charge. irobot.com/scooba230

2nd Quarter (April-June)

Chrome OS laptop: Laud the simplicity or mock the limited features? Jury's out on Google's cloud-based computer. google.com/chromeos

Asus Wavi Xtion sensor: Hoping to cash in on Kinect fans, this device lets you control your TV with gestures. usa.asus.com

3rd Quarter (July-Sept)

Apple iPhone 5: According to the blogosphere, this update might be joined by the iPad 2 this summer. apple.com/iphone

Mitsubishi 3-D TV: At 92 inches, the market's largest flat-screen comes with a relatively modest price. mitsubishi-tv.com/3D.html

4th Quarter (Oct-Dec)

Plastic Logic e-reader: More magazine than book, the Kindle competitor is bigger, flexible, and legible in direct light. plasticlogic.com/ereader/plastic-display.php

Sharp 3-D phone: Available in Japan, it adds a dimension sans glasses, making techies eager for the U.S. debut. sharp-world.com/products/smartphone


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