Add to Your Playlist: Electro-R&B Singer Banks

Banks, a brunette stunner based in Los Angeles, is debuting her major-label album this spring.

Photograph courtesy of John Michael Fulton/courtesy of Press Here Publicity

Who she is: Banks (a.k.a. Jillian Banks), a brunette stunner based in Los Angeles.

Why you should know her: The 25-year-old electro-R&B singer sang warm, melancholy vocals over spare break beats on last September's London EP.

Hear this: Standout single "Waiting Game": "I'm thinking it over/ The way you make me feel all sexy/ but it's causing me shame." (Are you listening, Miley?)

Coming soon: Banks' major-label-debut album is due out this spring.

Get her on the line: Banks' cell-phone number is listed on her Facebook page. "If you ever want to talk call me–(323) 362-2658."

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