Actor Adrien Brody on His Terrifying Real-Life Car Chase, Fashion Advice & the Accent that Even His Parents Didn't Understand

Plus reminiscences of his Mustang Mach 1, how to keep even a tux casual, and what he's learned from movies.

Adrien Brody was 17 years old when he bought his first car, a 1969 Volvo, for 50 bucks from a neighbor. It would spawn a love affair with fast vehicles that lasts to this day, but it didn't go too well at the time. The car, a 164E, had no functioning reverse—which became a serious liability when he found himself chased by a girlfriend's ex-boyfriend on the mean streets of the Bronx. "There was no going backwards," he explains, "so you better know where you're going."

A smile creeps across his face as he retells the story—you can see the widening grin in the video below, which we shot a few weeks ago in the Grey Goose Lounge at the TPC Sawgrass golf event in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.

Brody is busy promoting a string of new projects including the launch of Fable House Ltd, a new movie production company, as well as several films—like Houdini (a TV miniseries) and Backtrack (a psychological thriller shot in Australia). Moving quickly from one role to the next isn't easy, even for an actor of his experience—a topic he also tackles in the video, below.

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