After a Steady Diet of Nothing, Fugazi Offers Fans a Live Archive

The original hardcore kings promise a concert database and hint at a reunion.


Photos: Top, by Andy Carter, bottom, by Sumlin


Photos: Top, by Andy Carter, bottom, by Sumlin

On the blog Approaching Oblivion, songwriter and band architect Ian MacKayeupdated fans on the status of his Dischord record label and gave the angry 14-year-old in us all a tantalizing look at his latest project. "What I'm currently working on right now is going through a database of 1000's of live recordings we have… we're going to create a website, where all of these recordings will be made available." Working off of analog tapes and DATs, MacKaye promises this massive archive will be available in the near future. He went on to dangle the possibility of a reunion in front of fans. "The four of us love each other dearly… We are a family we don't stray from each other… There wasn't any anger there wasn't any big 'fuck you!' It is entirely possible that we will play again and it's also possible that we won't. We have the desire to play, but there's a geographical issue… Everyone is super busy." MacKaye continued. "It's not going to be money that brings us back together, we would only play music together if we wanted to play music together and the time allowed it." (Approaching Oblivion via Pitchfork)

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