Aimé Leon Dore's Designer Teddy Santis on the "Shocking" Response to His Most Recent Collection

What to do when suddenly everyone is talking about you?

Image courtesy of Aime Leon Dore.

It's only been two weeks since menswear blogs like Four-Pins, Hypebeast, and Airows lost their collective minds over Aimé Leon Dore's Pre-Fall 2014 offering, but its New York-based designer Teddy Santis is already busy planning his next move.

"We're a really small brand that does everything on our own," the 28-year-old Santis told Details recently. "Getting the press we've gotten is as shocking to us as it is to everyone else."

Santis, whose first collection sold out in about 45 minutes when it was released this February, makes sure that longevity is a part of each collection he puts on the market, so that his clothes are more like parts of an ongoing conversation and not just a trendy monologue.


Image courtesy of Aime Leon Dore.

"If somebody buys our collection right now, half of it can be worn every single day in the summer, half of it can be worn every day in the fall, and you can mix and match everything." He told us he's influenced by operations like Ralph Lauren and Nike—both lifestyle brands that have moved beyond their customers' closets and into their lives writ large.

"Our core value as a company is to make essential products that people want," he said—even if that means stripping away Aimé Leon Dore's script logo. "It's not that I want to drop it entirely, but I definitely want to give it the backseat for a bit. I don't want people to know us just for that, because at the end of the day, we're better than that."

Aimé's evolution is an on-going one and Santis already has other things on his mind, namely, what's on the horizon for his young brand, "We have a couple of really cool surprises in August," he says. Our radar is on alert.


Image courtesy of Aime Leon Dore.

—Details editorial assistant Kevin Pires

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