Just Say No to Dull Suits: We've Identified Fashion-Forward Alternatives (Video)

Breaking out of your navy-suit comfort zone is easier than you might think.

We know it took you years to find a brand of suits you love. And while it may seem like almost everything they carry was made for you, and you've built up a relationship with them after all these years, you need to stray every once and a while or else you'll never get to know what it feels like to wear a truly beautiful suit from a more progressive designer. In this case, what your regular suit maker doesn't know won't hurt him.

In the next episode in our what-to-wear-now series, "The New Classics," fashion director Matthew Marden shows you how two suits by Lanvin and Dries Van Noten—brands you might not consider go-to office options—are as wearable as they are fashion-forward.

Want more men's fashion advice? Check back each week for another fresh take on perennial wardrobe favorites, like our guide to the newest trends in chinos.


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