Guest Instagrammer Bill Powers Went to Bhutan and All We Got Were These Snapshots

Bill Powers, owner of New York's Half Gallery and wife and fashion designer Cynthia Rowley came back from their South Asia trip with a phone full of Instagram pics and a list of lessons learned.

If you've been following us on Instagram, you might have been wondering where all the exotic images for our first #DetailsDispatch were coming from. The culprit: Guest contributor Bill Powers, owner of New York's Half Gallery (and husband of fashion designer Cynthia Rowley) snapped pics of Bhutan just for us. You can scroll back through our feed to view them. Below is a list of surprising trivia he gleaned from the place.

  1. No one who lives there calls in Bhutan. The locals all say Druk.

  2. At a fertility temple dubbed "no dog," visitors roll the dice for a lucky 13 to make their wishes come true. (What are the Vegas odds on good karma?)

  3. Bhutan has the 17th biggest buddha in the world.

  4. Only 60,000 tourists roll through each year, which breaks down to just 200 people a day. That's one way to avoid the crowds.

  5. Some kids become monks in grade school.

  6. The only Olympic sport the country competes in is archery.

  7. The king attended Oxford University.

  8. You dig Yak burgers?

  9. There's a Bhutanese cover version of Gangnam Style.

  10. Only nine pilots in their world are allowed to land at their airport (including the queen's dad).


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