Are Italian Digestifs the New Courvoisier? Check the Rap Dedicated to Fernet-Branca

Hip-hop gets down with the aromatic bitters.


When we first wrote about the trending Italian amaro Fernet-Branca, it was the official after-hours shot of bartenders and in-the-know quaffers across the country—especially in San Francisco, where the stuff is so highly revered some bars serve it on tap. Turns out our post was prescient, as it seems the spirit, like Courvoisier before it, may have just crossed over into that oh-so-lucrative culture hip-hop. The new single, "I Drink Fernet", by Bay-Area rapper Equipto and featuring Skeptic, Cognito and singer Mike Marshall unironically extolls the joys of sippin' the bitters with lines like, "I run through these bottles like I run through models," and "Make your breath smell good—I don't need no Binaca." Damn straight. From now on, we'll know it's officially the weekend when we get a text that reads simply, "FERNET!"

Watch the video for "I Drink Fernet" below.

By Christopher Ross

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