Ask the Wine Wise Guy: Do Those Wine-Aerator Gadgets Really Work?

Our expert answers the nagging questions that sommeliers and wine columnists hear most often.

Photograph courtesy of WikiMedia Commons.

Wine expert Anthony Giglio is constantly fielding questions about the great grape from amateur drinkers and pro collectors alike. Now you can ask him yours: Tweet it to him at @WineWiseGuy and check back every Tuesday afternoon for the answer.

The answer: Don't pay them any mind—they're gimmicky and expensive. If you're not familiar with them, they look like fancy funnels through which you pour wine to aerate it, which, in theory, will help open the bouquet and soften bitter tannins. For the record, I aerate all of my wines simply by pouring them into a large wine glass or a decanter, which, depending on whether I'm out glamping, could also be a large, empty soda bottle.

A couple of companies that make these doohickeys sent them to me for test drives, and while I admit that I wanted to believe they worked, when I tasted the wines "blind," not knowing which was which, the improvements were imperceptible. In the end, I tend to think of them as pricey sex toys—and I don't need them.

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