Ask the Wine Wise Guy: Isn't It Wrong to Pair Red Wine With Fish?

Our expert answers the nagging questions that sommeliers and wine columnists hear most often.

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Wine expert Anthony Giglio is constantly fielding questions about the great grape from amateur drinkers and pro collectors alike. Now you can ask him yours: Tweet it to him at @WineWiseGuy and check back every Tuesday afternoon for the answer.

The answer: Whenever I get this question via e-mail, I wonder if it's been stuck in my server since 1989—the year the book Red Wine With Fish by Joshua Wesson and David Rosengarten was released. That book was supposed to assure a nation of wine-rule followers that it was okay to ignore the ridiculous old adage: "White with white meats, red with the rest."

Well, the confusion still persists. Hear ye, hear ye: Light red wines (like Gamay/Beaujolais, Pinot Noir/Burgundy, to name only a few) make perfect partners with fish of all colors and stripes. Apart from, say, a delicate white skate wing sautéed in butter, I can think of dozens of combinations of seafood that work beautifully with red wine. But it's all about how you prepare the dishes. In my house, after I quickly sauté any fish in olive oil, I make a sauce with a couple of brightly acidic cherry tomatoes, a pinch of herbs, and a squeeze of lemon. Pinot Noir is almost always a great pairing for this method.

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