Ask the Wine Wise Guy: What's the Best Wine Gift to Get Someone Who Doesn't Drink That Much?

Our expert answers the nagging questions that sommeliers and wine columnists hear most often.

Photograph courtesy of WikiMedia Commons.

Wine expert Anthony Giglio is constantly fielding questions about the great grape from amateur drinkers and pro collectors alike. Now you can ask him yours: Tweet it to him at @WineWiseGuy and check back every Tuesday afternoon for the answer.

In a word: Port. It's really the perfect gift if you know little about the drinking habits of the person you're visiting—especially if it's a new mother (who will hold on to the bottle until her baby turns 21). Ports are fortified wines, meaning they've been stabilized with brandy and last a long time (that's the main thing). Port was born of necessity when wine-loving Brits couldn't get their grape juice from the French because they were at war with them. Portugal tried sending some, but it kept spoiling during the long journey north. But brandy, which is made by distilling grapes instead of fermenting them, solved the problem. And it solves yours, too, as most regular red wines won't last two decades, even under the best cellar conditions. Port, on the other hand, can last a century.

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