How to Get Your Feet Summer- and Sandal-Ready in 5 Easy Steps

There's just no excuse for gnarly feet this summer.

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So long as you skip the polish, a pedicure really is the best way to care for your feet. Done right, it not only keeps your toes tidy, but it also prevents gnarly issues like ingrown nails, callouses, and corns. Celebrity manicurist Isis Antelo believes "a pedicure can actually improve your walking experience. Callouses put a lot of pressure on your feet, and long nails can make exercise and walking harder and more uncomfortable."

With sandal-wearing season right around the corner, we can't think of a better time for you to take control of your own foot health. To get you started, Antelo offers tips on how to give yourself a pedicure at home, using the newly-launched grooming tools from Tweezerman G.E.A.R.

Step 1: To soften nails and skin for easy cutting and trimming, soak your feet in warm water for 10 minutes. Plain water will do the trick, but you can add your favorite bath salts to enhance the soaking experience.

Step 2: Working on one foot at a time, trim your nails straight across, avoiding the corners, as that "can cause ingrowns," Antelo warns. She favors the Tweezerman Precision Grip Toenail Clipper, because the straight blade makes it a cinch to achieve an even cut.

Step 3: After trimming, apply a cuticle oil to the nails, and massage through to soften. Then soak again. Repeat Step 2 on the second foot, and follow with an application of cuticle oil and soak in warm water.

Step 4: Gently push back cuticles with the flat end of the Tweezerman Multi Use Nail Tool, to lift uneven cuticles away from the nail. Then gently trim lifted cuticles and hang nails with the Mini Hangnail Squeeze & Snip Nipper. "Clip as close to the nail as possible," says Antelo, "but never pull or tear away from the skin."

Step 5: Soften any calluses or hard areas by buffing Tweezerman's 2-Sided Pumice Stone on moisturized skin. Pay extra attention to your heels, which Antello says "can crack if calluses become too thick."

Katie Chang is a writer and shopkeeper based in Brooklyn. Follow her at @katieshewrote.

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