Adam Levine vs Adam DeVine: Two Stars Tackle Men's Grooming (a Video Face-Off)

We take a look at the completely unrelated new grooming-related videos by singer Adam Levine and actor-comedian Adam DeVine, which were released in the same week.

Two entertainment talents recently released videos that address men's grooming. Both are named Adam. One's Adam Levine, the lead singer of Maroon 5 and former Details cover star. The other is Adam DeVine, who you might recognize from Workaholics, Pitch Perfect, and the new ABC comedy Super Fun Night. Levine is hawking a new line of fragrances. DeVine is promoting his new web series on Funny or Die and, it must be admitted, was kind enough to answer these style-related questions just for us. Here's a scorecard to help you keep track of who said what, followed by the celebrity videos themselves.


Mentions Own Penis?

__ Levine: No, despite general cockiness.

DeVine: Yes, despite being disappointed by it.


Disses Celebrities?

__ Levine: Yes, if you consider a diatribe against celebrity fragrances a diss.

DeVine: Yes, if you consider Joey Fatone a celebrity.


Sings on Camera?

__ Levine: No, unfortunately.

DeVine: Yes, unfortunately.


Is Surrounded by Beautiful Women?

__ Levine: Yes, they appear in S&M scenes and frolicking in their underwear.

DeVine: No, but mentions that a crowd of girls that once touched his belly-button jewel.


Seduces Viewers With Gorgeous Eyes?

__ Levine: Yes, close-ups capture his penetrating gaze.

DeVine: Yes, and he explains that it's his best body part, though that's not saying much.


Alludes to questionable grooming habits?

__ Levine: Yes, he refers to the practice of ripping out pages of a magazine and rubbing it on one's body. But he discourages this.

DeVine: Yes, he enthusiastically shares plans to get hair plugs and Botox. ("By the time I am 50, I will be able to move nothing but my mouth.")


Is Unashamedly Shilling a Product?


Levine: Yes...for Adam Levine Fragrances!

DeVine: Yes...for his Norelco-sponsored video series on Funnyordie!

Adam DeVine's original Web series (watch it on Funny or Die) spoofs iconic cop, courtroom, and roommate-reality shows. The unifying theme: grooming issues. (Let's just say he finds himself in some unusually "hairy" situations.)


Adam Levine explains his new line of colognes (now available at Macy's and other major retailers).


—James Oliver Cury

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