Behind the Collection: Berluti's Alessandro Sartori Explains the Mesmerizing Origami Principles in His Spring 2015 Line

Enter the fold with the Italian designer's take on one-piece clothing and shoes.

"I was always very fascinated by the act of origami," said Alessandro Sartori of Berluti's Spring 2015 menswear lineup. "And this is the source where I took most of the inspiration. I am talking about this fantastic way to pleat and fold without any stitching."

He held up a burnt orange jacket to associate features editor Antonina Jedrzejczak and while he explained that "many of these details have been created just by pleating and folding, without creating any cut. Basically, we have one big piece of fabric."

The same even goes for the line's footwear, such as a mahogany-colored trainer that he called "very special."

"This is one single piece of leather," he said. "We pleated and folded to create these very interesting lines, which are not cut."

A closer look at Berluti's increasingly fascinating origami style below.

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