Belt It Out: Reversible Hand-Woven Belts by Caputo & Co.

These reversible handmade belts by Caputo & Co. are a solid addition to your spring/summer wardrobe.

Patterns and prints are trending big this year— not just the plaids that have been dominating the past few seasons. Traditional patterns and printing techniques from cultures around the world (from Africa to the South Pacific to Native American) seem to be popping up all over everything. While prints are an easy way to elevate your look, I have always approached them with caution.For me personally, it's a fine line between looking cool and looking ridiculous. When it comes to prints, I like to follow the rule of one: Let one thing you wear be the standout while leaving the rest of your outfit more muted, subtle, or solid. But as the weather warms up and layers are shed, your options start to dwindle. Enter these reversible hand-woven textile/leather belts from Caputo & Co. One side features great traditional hand-woven prints and the other a beautiful vegetable-dyed solid leather. They're a perfect way to add a little personality to your summer kits. A truly versatile item that you could own forever. Caputo & Co. is a New York-based men's accessories line founded by Alex Caputo in 2010. An avid traveler, the Venezuela-born designer produces all his products in Guatemala and is heavily influenced by the native craftsmen he meets throughout his travels in South America. This season's designs were inspired by the markets of Buenos Aires and the iconic gaucho. $125, available at Bloomingdale's

— Tong, senior style editor at Details

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