Best and Worst Fashion Statements in This Year's Sundance Films

See what Andy Samberg, Sean Penn, and other leading men are daring to wear in this year's crop of indie movies.

The Sundance Film Festival, situated in snowy Utah, isn't really focused on fashion—unless down jackets get you hot (ahem). Onscreen, however, we saw a good deal of sartorial risk-taking. Below are four extreme examples from this year's festival, plus our assessment of the looks and, oh yeah, the movies.

Courtesy of Celeste and Jesse Forever.

Celeste and Jesse Forever

A rom-com starring Andy Samberg and Rashida Jones as a divorced couple who can't move on—until, of course, one of them does.

The Look: Andy Samberg in gold-brown velour.

Our Take: That 70's Show meets substitute teacher meets Scooby Doo

Worth Seeing? Jones co-wrote a sweet, often very funny script, and the screen chemistry is, predictably, pretty perfect.


Courtesy of This Must Be The Place.

This Must Be The Place

Sean Penn stars as a bored former rock star who finds purpose in tracking down the Nazi that humiliated his late father.

The Look: Red lipstick + black eyeliner + unwashed hair = perpetual walk of shame.

Our Take: Edward Scissorhands meets Ozzy Osbourne.

Worth Seeing? The artfully acted and beautifully directed film often feels too indie-quirky and slow-paced to bear, but Penn and Frances McDormand (who plays his wife) bring their best.


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Courtesy of Save the Date.

Save the Date

A woman who's anti-marriage (Lizzy Caplan) and her engaged sister (Alison Brie) navigate romance and their own sibling relationship, as Caplan excels in breaking hearts.

The Look: Geoffrey Arend (Christina Hendrick's real-life husband) as a kimono-wearing rocker.

Our Take: Jesus Christ Superstar!

Worth Seeing? Between this and the raunchy female comedy The Bachelorette, Caplan was one of the fest's breakouts, and this comedy both stays away from rom-com cliches (or at least makes a valiant effort) and keeps you guessing.

For a Good Time, Call. . . (sorry no pics available)

Lauren Anne Miller and Ari Graynor play two unlikely roommates who start a phone-sex hotline out of their NYC apartment.

The Look: Justin Long plays the girls' small-dog-owning, Bermuda shorts-and-boat-shoe-wearing gay best friend.

Our Take: What, no Fire Island tee?

Worth seeing? Newcomer Lauren Anne Miller (Seth Rogen's new wife) wrote a hilarious script with enough whip-smart euphemistic entendres to warrant multiple repeat viewings. Co-star Graynor nails the dialogue, and so does Long, who—according to director Jamie Travis, following a Sundance screening—improvised most of his lines.

—Rachel Rosenblit

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