April Fools' Day Jokes That Will Actually Make You Laugh

The 6 most laughable (in a good way) April Fools' Day jokes from the worlds of fashion, grooming, architecture, and snacks.

Images courtesy of Bonobos, Dezeen, HTC, and Wikimedia Commons.

We're not going to waste your time trying to play an April Fools' joke on you, readers—you're too smart for that and we like you too much. What we will do, however, is round up the best videos, stunts, and pranks we've seen today for the sake of your entertainment.

Bonobos Techstyle

"These days fashion isn't just about how your favorite shirt fits and looks, but what it does," says the narrator of this Bonobos commercial, which introduces a new line of Techstyle shirts that can do everything from recommend that you wear another layer on a cold day to "gently" waking you up when you fall asleep in the middle of a meeting or posting Facebook updates you didn't even know you wanted to send.

London's Bread Buildings


Images courtesy of Bonobos, Dezeen, HTC, and Wikimedia Commons.

It makes complete sense for a town with buildings called "The Gherkin" and "The Cheese Grater" to break ground on towers shaped like sliced bread, but let's hope this idea goes stale before someone actually pursues it.

American Beagle

It's been about a week since American Eagle announced that it was going to start making dog clothes under the American Beagle imprint, and they still haven't confirmed whether or not the news is a joke. But according to one of the brand's employees in the "dogumentary" above, "None of this has been done before...I'm a pioneer. But in some ways I'm a prisoner of my own ambition."


Cheeteau is a real, bottled fragrance that you can get your hands on today (if you're in New York). We happen to have a sample of it and we can confirm that it smells about as unbelievable as this commercial looks.

HTC Gluuv


Images courtesy of Bonobos, Dezeen, HTC, and Wikimedia Commons.

HTC is so committed to its April Fools' Day joke product the Gluuv that it created an entire microsite for the fictional wearable. If it were real, it would accept hologram phone calls, snap selfies, and "like" posts on Facebook with a "thumbs up" gesture.

Dodo Meat From D'Artagnan


Images courtesy of Bonobos, Dezeen, HTC, and Wikimedia Commons.

Just because D'Artagnan provides organic poultry and foie gras to serious fine dining establishments doesn't mean its employees can't poke fun themselves. The business sent out a press release this morning which claimed it not only brought two long-frozen dodos back to life, but that it has also bred enough to start serving the extinct bird at restaurants.

—Details associate online style editor Justin Fenner.

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