And the Award for Best Hair at the Oscars Goes to...

Every year at the Academy Awards there are winners and there are losers, but we looked back through recent red carpet history and spotted five actors with truly Oscar-worthy hair, regardless of who actually took home a golden statue. Here, a simple guide on how to steal their winning looks.

Photos courtesy the Academy
Photos courtesy the Academy

It is not enough to know and appreciate what Hollywood's hottest men wear to the Academy Awards. If you really want to look like a star, you better damn well know how to do your hair too. To help you figure out what the options are, we looked back through recent red-carpet history and spotted five actors with truly Oscar-worthy hairstyles. Here, a simple guide on how to steal their winning looks.


Photos courtesy the Academy

Leonardo DiCaprio

The Look: Classic 50s hair with a touch of modern scruff.

How-To: Start with your natural part. Apply a pomade (like Grant's Golden Brand Pomade) to give hair shine and a strong hold. Use a comb to clean up your part and keep the style neat all day (and night) long. Give your shaving regimen a day off—one day is enough—to rough up the clean-cut look.

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Photos courtesy the Academy

Jean Dujardin

The Look: A slightly more relaxed slicked-back style and a clean-shaven mug.

How-To: For natural shine and medium hold, apply a small amount of medium-weight pomade (Grant's Medium Blend Pomade is great for fine, thin hair types) and comb hair towards the back of your head without flattening it down. Restyle throughout the day by adding water to a comb and shaping.

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Photos courtesy the Academy

George Clooney

The Look: Natural-looking hair that's still suave.

How-To: Use a grooming cream or cream pomade (like Lock Stock and Barrel Pucka) for a no-product look that gives hair just enough hold to keep it in place all day. It'll also give hair a healthy, natural finish —not too shiny, not too matte.

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Photos courtesy the Academy

James Franco

The Look: Easygoing tousled hair that begs to be played with.

How-To: Give hair maximum lift with a volumizing styling prep powder (like Lock Stock & Barrel Volumatte) before using hands to apply a matte putty for hair with a whole lot of messy, undone texture and a super matte finish.

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Ryan Reynolds (pictured at top of page)

The Look: A slightly longer, messier style that feels young, yet still looks polished.

How-To: Use a clay-based product (try Baxter of California Clay Pomade) to give hair height and fullness with a matte finish. Apply to hair with your hands using upward motions to create the desired amount of lift. For carefree facial hair, use an electric pre-shave formula with an electric razor for controlled scruff.


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