Best of The Week: Fey's Hand Model, Designer Night Stands, and ManVentions

The man behind her appendages speaks out, a tour of new Japanese menswear, and boots for summer.


"I Would Hit That's James McNally: Japanese Imports Worth Tracking Down": And remember, buying Japanese helps rebuild their earthquake-ravaged economy.

"Designer Night Stands: Go to Bed with 6 of America's Coolest Architects and Furniture-Makers": Some of them keep porn on their bedside tables. Others guns. Who are we to judge?

"Exclusive: Michael Bastian on His Favorite Look from His New Collection": The designer holds forth on his weathered leather jacket.

"From The Details Editors: The Best Boots for Summer": Trading in leather for canvas will save you a ton in antiperspirant.

"ManVentions: The Manliest Book of Man-tastic Innovations": From the pickup truck to the microwave oven, the most masculine creations of mankind get their due.

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