The Ultimate Take-It-Anywhere Workout

A 10-minute total-body routine you can do in any hotel room—or boardroom—from The Biggest Loser star Bob Harper.

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You spend countless hours hunting down the best restaurants, assembling the perfect wardrobe, meticulously furnishing your home, and religiously carving your body. So why, when you hit the road, do you leave your fitness regimen behind? To some degree, we all treat our mandatory hub-and-hotel hopping like some alternate universe, like it doesn't count: This isn't my real life. And yet you do your best to replicate your routine—you add the hippest eateries to your itinerary, pack the right clothes, stay in the chicest hotel—except when it comes to caring for your body.

Sure, travel beats you down. When wheels are up, work doubles: You're managing the office and the tasks and meetings of your trip. Your body's clock is out of whack. Add in the joys of modern airline travel—the delays, the security lines, and the soulless aesthetics of it all—and it's no wonder you settle for some sad chicken sandwich at the airport or skip the workout when you hit the hotel.

This isn't my real life.

"It kind of amazes me that high achievers won't exercise on the road because they don't think it's productive," says celebrity trainer Bob Harper, who became a household name as a host of The Biggest Loser. "Sneak in just one session or a run and you'll be less stressed, less sluggish, and more alert. That's a formula for being more productive. Talk about a solid return on investment."

When traveling for the show, or globetrotting with Hollywood clients like Ben Stiller, Selma Blair, and Jenny McCarthy, Harper swears by this lightning-fast circuit. "It's all about using your body weight to work every muscle in the shortest amount of time," he says. "It revs your heart rate and metabolism, and it builds muscle." As a bonus, it can be done anywhere—in any hotel gym or hotel room. Try for two or three sets. The whole thing should take 10 minutes—less time than you spend at the baggage-claim carousel. The benefits will endure for much longer.


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