Brad Goreski's Highlights from the Milan Men's Shows, Part 3

In this exclusive guest-blogging series, the impossibly dapper stylist shares his favorite moments from men's fashion week in Milan.

In this exclusive guest-blogging series, the impossibly dapper stylist Brad Goreski shares his favorite moments from men's fashion week in Milan.

I really enjoyed the direction of Gucci this season. Frida's last Spring/Summer collection was suede-y, printed, boho, but this one felt very British influenced. The first half was all these wearable casual looks, and then during the second half, the lights came down and the models came out in eveningwear. I want to wear every single piece. Especially the lurex gold jacket that Staffan was wearing. The way that piece fit and picked up the light! I need to be invited somewhere really fabulous and wear that. I actually asked if I could wear it to the premiere party of my show—even though I don't even know when that'll be, I'm already planning my wardrobe.

I was forewarned that this season of Versace would be full of prints: a real ode to Gianni. And I had the pleasure of going backstage beforehand to see Donatella&8212;believe me, I got shaky, I got red, I sweated a little bit. She is like the queen of Milan. That alone was worth the trip.

I got to my seat, and the front row came in, and it was the biggest men's front row of any show. It was Ryan Kwanten, Zachary Quinto, Darren Criss, Dwyane Wade, and Chace Crawford, so there was quite a huge commotion. So the show started, and it's a very '80s, Miami, iconic Gianni look, and I thought, "I'm not sure if any of these guys would be able to pull off these clothes," but I'd love to see any of them in a full printed look. Maaaybe Ryan Kwanten.

At one moment I turned around in my seat and noticed these shoes at eye level, and it made me so, so happy to see side-by-side Pradas. I'm always interested in runway to reality, and while I saw a lot of the Prada espadrilles all over, it was the first time I noticed the women's shoes.

This incredibly handsome man was an usher! They must have been models who were hired not to walk in the show but just to show people to their seats. So of course I took a creepy pic of him. This photo really gives you a sense of what a Versace show is like. Every single detail is just so closely taken care of: every publicist girl running around was in a colorful shift dress or a black one, the head of her PR was in this gorgeous open-back dress with patent-leather shoes, even the security guards were handsome. It's so specific to Donatella and the world of Versace.

By Brad Goreski

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